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In keeping with the Influentcer motto of growth through fluent influence, we strive for a real partnership with our clients in order to achieve this objective. Your growth is our aim and because needs differ we offer a Basic and a Comprehensive service package. Our packages focus on Linked In marketing but may include other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Basic Service Package

For less than 6 cents per month per potential customer you get:

*  Exposure to more than 27 000 potential customers or clients once per week or four times per month;

*  The option to provide your own content or to provide us with the necessary photos, artwork and in formation to create content for you at no extra cost;

*  A monthly report providing an analysis of audience interaction on each separate posting and an overall evaluation on the available data;

*  Recommendations based on the data; and

* Referral of any and all enquiries on postings and general enquiries (except for courtesy responses, Influentcer will not deal with such enquiries but channel them to the client for attention).

Comprehensive Service Package (Gauteng only)

The Comprehensive Service Package includes the above plus:

*  Full response to and management of enquiries on postings and general enquiries in so far as any such response falls within the knowledge and capacity of Influentcer;

* Person-to-person pitches and presentations to developers, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, construction project planners, project managers, interior designers, contractors, etc.;

*  Lead collection and research, presentation and follow-up;

*  Inmail marketing on Linked In;

*  Applicable email marketing;

* Liaison and arranging meetings between clients and prospective clients or customers where specialized or technical presentations might be required; and

*  A monthly report pertaining to interaction with individuals providing their names, companies, addresses, contact details and notes on contents of discussions and interest as well as results of follow-ups.

[The above pricing does not include in-platform promotion fees. An additional monthly fee is payable for additional platforms like Facebook, etc.] Contact Influentcer now for pricing.

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